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The ‘noise’ level in our world is on the rise, making it difficult to hear your truth, and essential that you do. This is what Human Design is for, getting you fully connected to your inner authority, the place in you that is intrinsically connected to your life path. Your unique Human Design Chart shows you, very specifically, how to tune in to the intelligence within. Tuning into the body’s intelligence has the potential to stabilize you no matter what is happening around you.

It is NOT a new belief system. It’s an owner’s manual for the life that is yours to live. Your Bodygraph shows you how your mind and body are meant to operate.

The strategic way of operating is ending

Culturally speaking, we’ve been conditioned to Make Things Happen and push for what we ‘want’ in life. Unfortunately, this approach can erode your life force over time, especially if you push yourself to exhaustion or make decisions based on fear. HD offers a new approach, one that has the potential to interrupt outdated thought patterns and operating paradigms. Imagine moving in alignment with your body’s needs. This is the opportunity here.

~ Owner, Fee-Only Financial Advisory Firm
Raven's Human Design Chart
My Human Design Chart
  • Offers a blueprint for the life that is yours. It’s like receiving an operating manual for the life that is yours to live.
  • Most importantly, it shows you, very precisely, what you can rely on for making healthy, aligned decisions. That ‘place’ is a very specific frequency in your body that knows. This is its greatest gift.
  • It shows you where you are most susceptible to pressure and distortion, and how your mind has been able to hijack you away from your true nature. It’s not that the mind is bad – it has its role – it’s simply not a reliable decision-maker.

When you can recognize and retract yourself from the fears and distortions of the mind, and all that was installed in you before you even had a choice (in the first 7 years of life), you naturally move into flow.

It doesn’t take 7 years to hear and heed your body’s wisdom. Once you have learned the basics, you can begin implementing the shift right away. You’ll be learning to walk the earth in a new way. That takes time.

Nothing is ever 100%. This is not about that. It’s about the welfare of your own life force!

What I Offer

In our human design sessions I can introduce you to your unique Human Design chart (or deepen your connection with it), and help with the practical aspects of how to integrate this into your life today. I offer insight into the nuances of words such as Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, True Self and Not-Self. 

Human Design Sessions – My Approach

I work with people who are serious about integrating this knowledge into their life. To this end, I don’t offer once and done sessions. I offer 2 sessions to start so that you have a chance to integrate the information from our first meeting and talk about what you discovered and were challenged by in the second one.

If you are facing a difficult life transition, are grappling with a critical decision, or experiencing health issues, I invite you to bring your life event to me. This way it’s not a theoretical introduction; it’s practical and applicable.

Raven’s depth of knowledge, her intuition about what to share, and the way she conveys the information moves energy. It literally reconfigured my sense of Self.

~ Jewels Maloney, Manifesting Generator

I’ll Introduce you to These Key Aspects of your Design:

  • Your aura Type (how you’re specifically designed to interact with the world)
  • Your Authority (the place in your body that most accurately guides you towards the life you’re meant to live)
  • Where you are susceptible to distortion and pressure, by your own mind and from the external world. Ultimately, this is what you are here to observe and learn about, and to become wise about.

It’s been only one month since our meeting, but so many things have changed! I’m almost like another person, haha! Everyday a new discovery regards being a Reflector, it has been really nice. (though sometimes a little challenging, but that’s life)

~ M.N., Reflector

NOTE: I am a certified Living Your Design Guide. I am not a certified Analyst. If you think you might want to continue the education, at some point you’ll need to get an “official” reading with an analyst.

Are you ready to meet Your design?

$350 for your first 2 sessions, $200 for 1 session

You can Make Your Payment Here: (Enter the amount when you click on the link.)

The first time we meet, we’ll meet for about an hour, or a little more. I like to meet with you on Zoom or Skype so that I can walk you through these 3 key elements in your design. You’ll receive an mp4 and mp3 version of our session so it’s always available for review.

NOTE: To get a good read on this, you need to know your birth time (as precisely as possible), along with the date and place of your birth. You can share that with me when you schedule your session, or on the Contact page.

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